The Spirituality and Humanitarian Practices Working Group

This working group was founded in 1996 for the specific purpose of promoting those values that promote peace. The projects engaged by this group involve: humanitarian and sustainable interventions/objectives in devastated populations ( such as Haiti; ) and cooperative and collaborative interdependence between individuals and groups working to build “Interfaith Harmony”; “Resiliency and Support for peace workers”; evolving a “Voice of Conscience” Movement.

The Humanitarian and Sustainable Project: a website for free access to consultations and webinar discussions (greenhawaiiconferences) as well as a linked In site involve more than 250 dedicated professionals across over a dozen areas of expertise has ongoing connection through webinars and information documents. Members of this project group have created an international “school to school” collaborative and an “orphanage to orphanage collaborative” which shares ideas and paradigms for sustainable living (utilizing STEM educational programs and Science Fairs as well as student leadership counsels ). In addition, there has been some significant inroads in building infrastructure through all these means on community levels. There is now in progress a sustainable community paradigm that is up and running for 200 families.

The Interfaith Harmony Project: There is now under construction an intercontinental and international web site ( whereby psychologists, religious leaders, scientists and all those engaging in this work across all disciplines can participate in video interviews and dialogues. This project throughout the past 20 years has generated symposia; panels; counsels and special local community events and interfaith projects. All who engage in this work world wide are invited to join in. It is a multi disciplinary and multinational endeavor. We are working to build a synergy that will create an impact within the world’s religions so that more peaceful relations between the faith may be closer to being realized.

The Resiliency Project: This project remains the most diffused as it involves a handful of professionals who are working (many times pro bono) in venues to address the covert and overt needs of veterans; professional constituents regardless of the arenas within which they operate. The Voices of Conscience” Project now going on line as a not for profit international website ( will allow opportunity for all individuals and organizations to express their ‘voices of conscience in regard to their experiences of the actions of the military industrial complex. There is a wide range of functions for this site. It provides a national and international networking element for individuals and and organizations engaging in support for veterans, soldiers in healing their ‘moral injury’ and ‘soul wounds’. It therefore provides a rehabilitative function, a peace building function and ultimately a synergy to facilitate healing world wide.

Currently we ae looking forward to linking the ‘ web site; the linked In network; the ‘’ we bite and the ‘’ website to the 48 web site through the ‘SpiritualityandHumanitarianPractices’ working group space.

If anyone has any interest in any one of these projects please contact Steve Handwerker: Use the Subject Title: Spirituality and Humanitarian Practices Working Group.

Thank you all for all YOU do for Peace!