Dear Division Colleagues and Friends:

It is my honor to introduce a newly expanded project to promote global peace. In 1997 Division 48, Peace Psychology welcomed a new working group into its fold that was founded on the effort of promoting values and principles which promote peace on all levels of society. One of the main projects of the working group was building interfaith harmony through dialogues; counsels and the creation of principled paradigms that would be engaged in events and projects locally and internationally. Through the years many symposia and panels and events have been orchestrated through this focus. NOW, we have been privileged to have access to an opportunity to create and promote an intercontinental web site “UNITINGFAITHS.ORG” which will actively create Skype video interviews and dialogues related to building interfaith understanding and unity. If any member and/or officer has any interest in this area please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your interest in promoting peace among the faiths!!

In Peace,


Dr. Steven Handwerker