Presidential Report – Spring 2015

Rebekah DeZalia

As president of Division 48, I wanted to use this newsletter report to welcome all of you and to update you on some of the changes in the division this year. The executive committee has been working to make Division 48 a place where all peace psychologists can find a beneficial outlet for our shared interests. When I began my presidency, the division was going through some growing pains – or more accurately, pains from a lack of growth. I have been trying to fulfill my promise to increase the inclusivity and technology within the division to make this a more relevant and welcoming division. There are three ways in which we are making strides to accomplish that.

  1. This newsletter – The Peace Psychologist – is now online! This will help us to respond to our members and disseminate important information in a timely manner. Our new editor, Scott, will be sharing more details on this new feature.
  2. We have a new member of our executive committee. Robert McKelvain has taken on the role of internet editor; although we plan to change his title to New Media Editor to better describe what he is actually doing for our division. Robert is already working on making some much needed changes to our website and has some great ideas that will definitely increase the ability of our members to interact with each other and more easily benefit from our online resources.
  3. We are continuing to find ways to facilitate member participation in the running of the division. We had a couple of members join us via teleconference at our midwinter meeting. We plan to have the same resource available for our next meeting in Toronto. In addition, we have moved the time of our executive committee meeting to 4 – 6 on Thursday, August 6 in the Fairmont Hotel. Traditionally we have held the meeting the day before the convention started. That made it difficult for members to attend because it required them to arrive at the convention early. Now any member who is there for the first day of the convention can see the executive committee in action and we welcome your presence and input. Even though only the elected members of the executive committee officially vote on division matters, it is important for all of our members to have a voice during the decision making process.

Please feel free to contact me directly (at if you have any questions or comments about the division. The leaders of Division 48 are continually striving to make this a place where peace psychologists can find a home. Although it is easy to get focused on specific issues, this division is made up of a diverse and interesting group of people. I’ve benefited greatly from my time as a member and hope that we can continue to find ways to encourage peace psychologists and the promotion of our ideas (and ideals) within psychology and the larger world.