Peace Psychology Division COR Representative Report

Eduardo I. Diaz, PhD

April 15, 2015

Thank you for electing me to a second term as one of two representatives to APA’s Council of Representatives from Division 48. I look forward to witnessing more constructive changes in APA governance structure and practice through 2017.
There seems to be some increase in reform minded representatives on Council and we are all looking forward to the outcome of the contracted investigation into APA collusion with torture perpetrators in the U.S. military and other government agencies. I am confident that there are individuals on board Council who will insist a thorough review of the process, regardless of who gets to read the report first.
Council is going through some growing pains as it struggles to incorporate the new Council Leadership Team (CLT) led process for how meetings are conducted. I believe it will take a couple of years for clarity to emerge as to the actual role the Board and the CLT will play in APA governance.
Our first face to face meeting of 2015 proved beneficial to me given how much I learned from my colleagues. We had an excellent educational session on implicit bias and we participated in a variety of workshop like sessions exploring the future of Psychology. In one of these, we discussed how best to translate Psychology to the diverse publics we serve.
I was led to question how little I do to communicate about Peace Psychology to my Hispanic American community in Miami. I decided to confront my Spanish media fears upon my return home and actually agreed to be the subject of a mini-biography video production by a local TV station, Telemundo Channel 51. The result was somewhat pleasing, I got to experience my 2 minutes and 39 seconds of fame on Saturday afternoon, April 11, 2015, when it aired as part of the local news in a segment called Rostros de Nuestra Ciudad. The segment is up on YouTube now at and you are welcome to send me your critique of my performance. My goal was to begin to build trust with an audience that has never heard of Peace Psychology.
I am more committed than ever to the idea that we must grow a Peace Psychology movement, both within mainstream Psychology and externally in our home communities. Please consider doing your part.
Please email me at, or call me at 786-239-2252, to provide me with your comments and concerns about how best to translate what we know about Peace Psychology to those we choose to serve.