MaL letter

Fr. John Paul Szura, OSA

I have been serving as Member-at-Large (MaL) for more than two years and am coming to the end of my term. Being part of the Division 48 Executive Committee has been a challenge, a responsibility and a joy. It has also been an adventure in flexibility. The MaL role is seen differently by different people. At times, I have been asked to help another Ex Comm member in their area and at times I have been asked to take on a task that seems not to be anyone else’s. My own idea of the MaL includes care for the division infrastructure. In fact, many in the division are not at all clear on what a MaL should do. But I think we would agree that the role has something to do with the interests of the membership as a whole. So if we can agree on that, let me ask something of you. If you have any concerns about Division 48, please feel free to contact me with them.

There have been some individual Division 48 members who have done exactly that. A few had a concern and asked me to bring that concern to the Ex Comm. I did so, because I think that is precisely what a MaL should do, and that is why at the beginning of my term I did ask you—the Division 48 membership—to feel free to contact me if you had anything to say to the Ex Comm. So as I finish my term, I want to renew that invitation. Division 48 is your division. You can sit in on Ex Comm meetings or contact any Ex Comm member you want to, especially in the area of that person’s role. But if you want to send me your concerns, please feel free to do so and I will do what I can to see that you are heard. I am John Szura and am available by email at I repeat, this is your division.. .